How Will the Ideal Society of the Future Appear? | The Solution

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It is impossible to predict the future, but we can be sure that our lives will be entirely different after the coronavirus recedes. We are being depleted of everything we know and the new society will have to be built.

The foundation for a new society is the education of humanity about the laws of nature in its new form, one that is circular and inclusive. Those who benefit the most from the current economy do not want this change, but we cannot bend nature to fit our ego, and the world’s chaos will escalate until we align with nature.

The ideal society is a unified entity where each individual serves the common good, but where unique individuality is also felt and valued. It is as a drop of water in the ocean that is not nullified by the ocean, but absorbs everything of the ocean into itself so that it feels both as a part and as a whole.

Governance is by the whole, represented by a council of individuals who understand and continue to teach the laws of nature. The economy is seen as social technology, which focuses on identifying and fulfilling each individual’. There is no equal distribution, but support according to each one’s circumstances.

Violations of the laws or criminality are not punished, nor is the person ostracized. More education is added because it is the system that is responsible. Productivity is an individual effort to be a contributing member of society.

01:25 Should people know the future systems of life? What is the goal of trying to elaborately depict a picture such as Baal HaSulam did?
4:21 Do we need to paint a pretty picture of the future? How do we explain the inner work needed in response to questions about corporeal life?
10:52 Do we have to live in a harmonious society? What kinds of systems have to exist inside this circular society?
14:38 Will current centers of power, which benefit from this system, will let the process of education happen?
19:27 Will change cause us to lose our individual freedom? What can people do about their fear that society will control and repress them? What is the difference between unity and conformity?
27:47 What will the political system be like in the future? How is productivity measured in the new economy?
33:46 Should countries aspire to provide everything they need inside their country or should they aid each other in order to get what they need more cheaply?
34:28 In a corrected world, what’s better—globalization or isolation? How can we know the basic needs of every person?
37:46 Can there be economic criminal activity, and if so, what will we do with criminals? Will the feeling of shame solve this problem?

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